Storage for Apartment Contents in the Center of Israel. Photo's Credit :
Storage for Apartment Contents in the Center of Israel. Photo's Credit :

Storage for Apartment Contents in the Center of Israel

“Watch out for the TV set!”  “Drive slowly, it’s fragile.”  “Can you put the dresser together?” Tired of all the stress every time you move your apartment or office?  With the experienced professionals at “Safe Storage” you can do everything with a clear mind and without worry.

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In Israel you can find many partnerships between moving companies and storage companies. And this means you have double the amount of work in order to find two companies that you can trust and rely on to be truly professional.  So isn’t it time there was a single company that could provide you with the range of moving services you need?

“Safe Storage” provides storage, moving, carpentry, packing and arranging services under one roof.  The company has 40 years of experience in the field, and its reputation has spread through word of mouth until it reached us.  For many years “Safe Storage” has been putting a smile on the faces of its many satisfied customers who regularly hire the company’s services, thereby making their moving experience calm, pleasant and secure.

We spoke to Shimshon, the company’s director, to understand how “Safe Storage” has been able to maintain its professional reputation for so many years.

How did it all begin?

“I entered this field at a young age.  In the past we dealt with “boutique” moves and our name spread by word of mouth, and even though we didn’t advertise ourselves at all a great many customers hired our services.  At a certain point I decided to take over the reins and to provide storage services, with very high standards under constant supervision.  It was clear to me that if we could also offer storage for apartment contents, we would be leaders in that sphere.  And that’s what happened.”

“Safe Storage”

Tell me about your unique warehouses.

“Safe Storage offers private storage spaces of all sizes and for any period of time, located in a clean, orderly and well-ventilated concrete building.  From the beginning, we decided that each storage room would include several obvious characteristics that cannot be compromised:

  1. Location – We are located in the center of Rishon LeZion, providing easy and convenient access for all Gush Dan residents.
  2. Warehouse structure – The type of warehouse ensures the safety of your property. Our name, “Safe Storage,” tells the whole story.  We store your furniture and equipment in concrete structures and provide your belongings with maximum protection.
  3. Safety and protection – Our goal is to provide the highest level of security at our warehouse facility. This includes a perimeter fence, electronic entrance gates with an entry code, embedded cylinder locks on the doors of the storage facility, climate control unit in the storage space, connecting the warehouse to a security company 24 hours a day, security cameras throughout the facility, double locks on each of the storage rooms, advanced ventilation systems, a sprinkler system to protect against fires, and comprehensive insurance for your stored contents.
  4. Licenses – Our company has a business license, including a license from the municipality, from the fire department and the police, and authorizations from the Ministries of Health and Environmental Protection.
  5. Cleanliness – Our storage spaces are clean and well-ventilated. Additionally, a professional exterminator treats the facility on a regular basis.
  6. Prices – Each customer pays for storage that meets his individual needs. We match the size of the contents to the area of the storage space and enable our customers to choose between paying for storage on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.”

What types of customers do you work with?

“We serve anyone who needs moving and contents storage services.  Among our customers are importers, high-tech workers, business that are relocating, people who are moving house or renovating their apartments, artists who store their work and equipment with us, and so on.”

The company has a perfectionist approach.  Is this also reflected in the service you provide?

“Naturally.  We listen to our customers, work with them through the entire moving and storage process, and treat their items with the utmost respect.  The company’s veteran and skilled professionals are at our customers’ service 24 hours a day so they can rest assured that they chose the right company.”

“Safe Storage”

Telephone:  03-9622247

Address:  35 Etzel Street, Rishon LeZion

Web site

E-mail:  s[email protected]

Storage for Apartment Contents in the Center of Israel

Storage for Apartment Contents in the Center of Israel

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